The Healing Power of the Rattle

The rattle is considered a power antenna. Shamans, healers, light workers and medicine people use them for many purposes, one being to call in the helping Spirits, which is something healers do in order to gather their allies, as well as the clients allies, to help support the patient and the healer for the duration of the healing.

Listen to the rattles, feel how they may influence how you feel in your body. Notice if your mind softens or gets activated. Sometimes the activation actually shows us what we need to work on. For example, if you noticed resistance to the rattles or the sound, it could be showing you that you are caught in your mind and that resistance is actually the teacher, the guide for where you may need healing.

I use the rattles for calling in the helping spirits, and also for connecting to the land, the earth and for divination. With clients, I have noticed the rattles powerfully clean and clear the energetic body, like scrubbing bubbles, they help to heal wounds, tears or rips in the aura, the energy body, and they also help to bring light and lightness to the spirit and body.

The sound of the rattles and the vibration they make breaks up dense energy in the body or in a place (location). The rattle also works by distracting the ego body so the practitioner can drop in more deeply and travel to the unseen realms to receive clear messages from spirit, and from the true essence of the person with whom they are working. This also helps the person receiving the healing to distract their ego through the rhythm and sound so they can receive more deeply.

The Spirit of the Rattle

I have found that it is important to connect with the spirit of the accoutrements you are working with and I have been taught that it is important to train the tools you work with. I use the power of intention, so the tool clearly knows its job. I love working with rattles in my practice and also in my personal life to create sacred space and also to call myself back to center, to the present moment. Using the rattles really anchors me back into my body when I use them for my own healing. I also use them when I am clearing space, like clearing a home, office or even to uplift land, when it feels depleted. They seem to also imbue a certain kind of recharge when used, a vibrational increase.

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