Clearing the Pelvic Bowl

This practice is supportive for women to deepen more into their pelvic bowl. It is a simple and easy practice. 

  • Find a sacred space to rest on the earth and slowly bring your awareness to your pelvic bowl. Imagine you are traveling the edges of this bowl. (Even if you aren’t sure of your exact physical anatomy, picture your bowl in your mind’s eye and walk around the outer edges, moving your awareness around your bowl in a circle.)

  • Notice the shape and other qualities of your bowl. Is it round and even on all sides?

  • The inner fibers and energy of the pelvic bowl are reminiscent of a bird’s nest.

  • Notice if any part of the bowl feels pushed in, dent-like, or diffuse so that the edge is difficult to perceive.

  • These may be areas where you have lost touch with this inner feminine range: the intuitive and creative expansion of your feminine expression.

  • Bring your breath to any area that is not soft or rounded and see what changes.

  • Imagine smoothing the energy of your pelvic bowl just as a bird smooths and shapes its nest.

  • When the process feels complete, finish by giving thanks for your pelvic bowl, the core of your feminine ground.

This is adapted from Tami Kent's, "The Wild Feminine"