Palden Lhamo - GODDESS

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

Joyously embracing all that we habitually repress, Palden Lhamo the glorious goddess rides a mule through a sea of blood in a universe of flaming darkness. Awaken to the darkness goddess, destroyer of complacency, remover of false perception and mistress of the charnel grounds that are both the shadow and the efflorescence of our deepest psyche. Look within and befriend your own afflictions; become the light for others in your life! Allow her to transform your fears; you will be guided by the Divine Mother! Palden Lhamo, wrathful mother protector clears and paves the path for all of humanity... F E A R L E S S


I find it so helpful to use mantra when I am experiencing something I feel I can't manage on my own, something I can't think or feel my way through easily. Mantra helps the mind to shift the old pathway thoughts are accustomed to following... Mantras also support us offering up the fear, the hurt, the emotions... Offering it UP, meaning knowing letting go of the control and fully coming back to trusting that the Great Mystery has got it handled.... That it will work out. It keeps those obsessive thoughts from taking over, creating that lovely shit show many of us know so well!

Happy Chanting!