Heart & Yoni Breathing

Women are considered two hearted beings…

womb and heart, heart and womb.

This beautiful and simple practice is intended to support and deepen the connection between heart and womb. If you have a yoni egg you are working with, after you have cleansed it, you can place the egg in your belly button or hold the egg at your heart to deepen your connection to it.

The Practice

  • Place your right hand at your heart and deepen your breath into your heart…

  • Begin to make the heart sound HAAAA on the exhale.

  • Place your left hand on your yoni and call the breath down from your heart to your yoni.

  • Smile down to your yoni.

  • Bring the loving Qi down from the heart to the yoni to warm the sexual waters.

  • You can also put your right hand on your yoni to send passion up to the heart, to grow compassion.

  • Breathe up and down deepening the connection between these two centers.