Womb Massage & Postpartum Care

Wise Womb Massage supports a postpartum women's healing after giving birth, DNC or miscarriage to reclaim her womb space. These sessions are gentle, nourishing and supportive. Our intention for postpartum care is to help the body heal, to nurture the woman and her spirit.

If a baby was delivered, after 6-8 weeks we begin to apply hands on healing techniques to gently coax the womb into optimal alignment as long as the bleeding has stopped and there is no chance of an infection and no pain.

In this stage soul healing is sometimes needed to call the spirit home, especially if there has been any birth trauma for momma and baby (and father too, if needed). Herbal baths, yoni steams and warm oils are often a part of the healing in this stage. Nutritional & Botanical Support is often needed as well as flower essence and aromatherapy for at-home care. A blessing ceremony, if we haven't done one already, is always a wonderful way to ritualize the transformation into motherhood and fatherhood, as well as a beautiful way to call in the helping spirits and angels in support of the family, and to welcome the baby into the world.

If a woman has had a DNC or miscarriage, then spiritual or soul/energy healing is often indicated, to release the spirit of the baby and support the emotional and soul wellbeing of both mother and father.

I often work with new babies to support their full range of motion through subtle movement therapy, also using prayers and divine light healing.

With Love - Naomi

Womb WisdomNaomi Love