Alchemical Womb Transformation Practice

Aloha my loves, I am honored to share with you this healing practice I learned with the Tao Tantra Sacred Feminine Training. This is a beautiful practice to support a women's healing of the womb, to warm a cold womb to help release tension in the pelvis.


  • Begin by taking a few deep breathes - Exhaling out through the mouth. Breathe deeply into your belly and then into your heart.

  • Imagine calling the fire from the heart to descend to warm the cold womb and to clear the excessive dampness. Bring down the love from the heart to transform fear in the sexual organs.

  • Stroke down from the heart with the HAAA sound.

  • Imagine a fiery pearl from the heart melting into the blue, watery uterus. Allow your inner fire to evaporate excess coldness and dampness in the womb.

  • Allow steam to wash in and around the sex.

  • Breathe the healing warmth into the pelvis and allow this warmth to stir throughout the pelvic bowl.

  • Come to balance and rest.

Blessings, naomi