Yoni Gazing

I wanted to share with you all a beautiful, yet uncomfortable experience. 

Last year in my Self Love Retreat I had my students do what is called - Yoni Gazing - to witness the yoni in all her glory, to connect with her through the eyes, to take her in. I say her, because my yoni is a she, but you may have a different association to the gender, or it may not have one. That is totally welcome here! 

Many emotions can arise as we gaze upon this sacred place. Many women feel ashamed, they feel their yoni is ugly, or that something is wrong with her – that she is too red, too brown, that the labia are too big or too small.

This practice is a wonderful way to make connection to know what you look like "down there" to bring consciousness to this place that often gets only a certain kind of attention- the kind where we or someone else is trying to get something out of her or trying to get something into her.

Rather, we are just meeting her in pure presence... softening our judgments to just be with her.... it is not often that we are met without an agenda, that we are met with true and pure love.... This is the invitation to create sacred space, grab a mirror - spread your sweet legs and meet the juiciness of your yoni with pure presence.

Noticing the thoughts that move through your mind, the feelings and sensations that move through your body as you witness.... can you bring loving presence to your sex? And if you can connect with her - what does she want to share with you? Pause, breathe and listen...

This is such a powerful practice, to begin to own your body and establish your connection to your sex and sexuality.