Saguaro Flower Essence

Saguaro helps us know and trust our inner wisdom and OWN our inner sense of authority. This essence helps us to embody the positive aspect of our elders and ancestry. After we dissolve what isn't serving us, we then want to not reject our lineage, rather we want to embody the positive gifts the lineage has to share with us. This is an essence I use after working, to heal the disharmonious ancestral relationships and to clear the unconscious or conscious agreements with my lineage. After doing that work, is when I work with Saguaro... When it is time to call in the well, the healed and the healthy. 

Harmonizing Qualities

  • Helps you access and trust your deepest inner wisdom-authority

  • Balance and understanding of our masculine and feminine attributes 

  • Helpful in working through “power struggles” with parental or authority figures

  • Awareness of what is ancient and sacred, a sense of tradition or lineage; ability to learn from our ancient ones, and elders.

  • Helps us to integrate the well/healthy aspects of our ancesters

  • Restores the will to live and to heal, and to be your best


Patterns of Imbalance

  • Sense of separateness or alienation from the past

  • Feeling like you want to give up

  • For those that feel their compulsion is ancestral, familial patterns of addiction

  • Not trusting your deepest inner wisdom

  • Imbalanced use of power

  • For those that give their authority away

  • Tendency to overreact to outside authority during transitions when you are seeking a deeper self-identity