Shamanic Healing

Wise Womb Medicine is a weaving of modalities and we often use guided journeys as a way to support someone in coming home to themselves. You may have had that experience in your life where you just feel a bit off. Well, this work supports clearing the energy that isn't you or isn't aligned, to bring you back into a more harmonious state of being. 

Shamanic healing can be powerful and transformative for the mind, body and spirit. In a shamanic session, we are creating a sacred container for you to drop deeply into a relaxed state of consciousness, similar to hypnotherapy, where we then connect to the earth, to the helping spirits & guides, while you are held in a safe and scared container. Together we are working in partnership with the helping spirits and your inner wisdom to lovingly release anything that isn’t you all the while calling your holy, whole and healed parts home. This work is both subtle and deep, intense and soft. The work goes where you are ready to go, where you are ready to bring healing.

S H A M A N I C   J O U R N E Y

As a Shamanic Guide, I lovingly guide you through your shamanic healing experience, while working in partnership with the helping spirits and your inner wisdom. Guiding you creates a dynamic experience where I can then more profoundly track what’s happening, helping you navigate your own inner world and experience. I am able to listen to the spirit realm and translate back to you what I see and hear. Working this way is very empowering as you get the chance to be a part of the experience, rather than me journeying for you, which is the traditional way this work is usually done.

S O U L   R E T R I E V A L

Soul retrieval is indicated when there is what is known as soul loss and I have a few varying ways to speak of soul loss. Soul loss happens when one experiences a trauma, heart break, sudden grief, fear, fright, sadness, or abuse of any kind.  Soul retrieval can also be indicated as a treatment for the empathic person who tends to absorb other people’s energy or tends to give their energy away. This often manifests as a feeling of being overwhelmed, when you cant manage your own life or emotional experiences. You are meant to run 100% on our own vibrational energy and when you absorb energy that isn’t yours,  it can manifest as dis-ease, overwhelming emotions, chaos, disharmony, irritation, anxiety or depression. Soul retrieval calls the parts and pieces that are ready to come home, home, so that you can rest more fully in the trueness, the wholeness of you.

S H A M A N I C   E X T R A C T  I O N

There are many ways that we take on energy that isn’t ours, and Shamanic Extraction is basically lovingly getting rid of anything that isn’t you to make more space for all that is you to fully come home. This body of work is indicated when there is a possession, which can take on many forms. I have found that often we think that the demons, the darkness, is not ours, when in many cases it is a part of ourselves, a part we have shamed or denied and this demon, so to speak, begins to speak louder and louder because it’s needing something, it’s needing to be heard, seen or acknowledged. Thought forms can turn into an entity or demon, because that is where we have put our energy for so many years or core beliefs that we have denied can become entities because it takes a lot of unconscious energy to keep them hidden, so they are constantly fed in some ways by the energy we use to shame and hide that which we don’t want to see or feel. And there can also be entities that aren’t us, that are outside of us, that can take up residence in us, this work will feed the unowned parts that are you, so they can be transmuted into your allies. For that which isn’t you, we work to remove these beings or entities, sending them back to the healing light.  This work is transformative and life changing AND often needs a follow up session or two to ensure your integration goes smoothly.

H E A L I N G    W I T H   S P I R I T U A L   L I G H T

Healing with spiritual light is one way to infuse you with healing light of the divine, calibrated to the human vibration, to your true essence. Healing with spiritual light helps to recalibrate the soul, the body and the mind and supports the integration process.

T R A N S M U T I N G  T H E   S H A D O W

This is a beautiful process of meeting with loving presence those places we deny, dis-own and shame. We give them space to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Through this process we are able to transmute this shadow into the ally. You are then able to commune with this ally, and call upon it as you need in your life. This process is profound at getting to the root of anything in the way of living from our truth, looking at any aspect of our experience that creates suffering, then ultimately bringing love, compassion and light to the perceived dark places that resides inside us.

I offer this work in my personal healing practice and do teach an earth centered shamanic healing for personal healing in our apprenticeships. 

Much Love, Naomi