Joshua Tree Flower Essence - Healing The Ancestral Lineages

This essence is specific for those that feel they are caught in ancestral karmic web. This essence is indicated when a pattern of imbalance runs throughout the ancestral tree or when many people within a lineage suffer from similar issues. For example, when you hear someone say, "that runs in my family" or "we all struggle with that."

This essence is for people who tend towards the more submissive or passive role with their relatives, rather than standing in their truth.

Positive Qualities: Helps the soul to individuate through conscious transformation from family patterns, helps to clear cultural conditioning bringing enhanced freedom and compassionate insight to family and culture of origin.

Imbalances: Joshua Tree Flower Essence is indicated for: Ancestral karma which shackles a soul's potential; inability to break free from family or cultural patterns of dysfunction, such as alcoholism, addiction, depression, violence or hereditary illnesses; loss of individual identity and freedom due to lack of insight regarding familial and cultural influences. Feeling you are repeating your families mistakes, errors, issues.

I am personally doing a lot of work with my ancestry right now and am calling upon this essence for support during this deep process. 

Much Love, Naomi Love 



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