Spiritual Healing with Plants


Plants hold within them magical powers, medicine and healing. They are a key to connecting to your soul, and are a simple and effective way to reconnect with nature and the divine.

Plants have an amazing innate ability of knowing. As long as the conditions are just so, the plant will sprout, and grow into what it’s meant to be; it doesn’t ponder what it should be, it doesn’t wonder if it’s enough, it doesn’t question it’s own existence. It simply grows to fulfill it’s divine purpose.

As a whole, we humans have lost connection to our true purpose. We have lost connection to our true essence, to our surroundings, to nature and to the divine. We have become isolated and overly independent. Many of us are no longer in touch with the phases of the moon, or the change of the seasons, we are disconnected from ourselves and from our hearts. We have forgotten our ultimate connection to the web of creation, we now have a strong belief that we are separate. We have lost our way and we no longer know how to honor ourselves, or how to honor mother Earth, our home.

Culturally, we are more focused on strengthening the ego and mental sheaths and when you focus on strengthening only a couple aspects of the whole, an imbalance manifests. We are whole, rather than the sum of our parts. We need to begin emphasizing spirituality IN balance with the bodies (mental, emotional, physical, energetic), IN balance with our communities, IN balance with the earth and the divine, strengthening the whole rather than any of the separate parts.

I have intentionally chosen to use the word sheath because I have had the personal experience of tangibly feeling these barriers around people. What I have seen is that these sheaths keep a person from being in their true essence, which keeps them from truly receiving the gift of healing.

These sheaths keep us in a cycle of disconnection. Over time our dysfunctional belief systems solidify, strengthening these sheaths, leading us further away from our true essence. The more power we give to the mental sheath the stronger it grows and the more disconnected we become. In turn the stronger these sheaths get, the more we feel separate, the more we push away love and true intimacy and the more our souls get depleted. The ego sheath has a desire to be right, and to know everything. It seems to keep us from trusting, from being open, it keeps us held in old paradigms and old belief systems.

It’s not to say that these mechanisms weren’t brilliant, there was a purpose for them, and this is why we built them into place. I believe that in this stage of evolution, as humans, it is imperative that we learn to be in right relationship with our soul, with our hearts, our truths, meeting each other in loving presence, kindness and honesty.

The reason we love using plants in our healing sessions is that they work to specifically soften these sheaths. The plants have an amazing innate wisdom, they are directly connected to the living web of creation; within them they each hold their own magic, along with the blessings of the elements and the energy of the sun and moon. Plants offer us an immediate opportunity to embody through our senses; they also neutralize negative ions, bringing us more into balance. In traditional Maya healing we use prayers into the pulses with plants for spiritual healing. We are infusing the plant spirit medicine with the vibration of the healing prayer and directing it into the blood stream, which brings about immediate healing results. If one is stuck in the mental or ego sheaths, their body and their soul still receive the healing, but the sheaths keep them from knowing it, thus keeping their story of separation and disconnection alive, seemingly making it feel as though the work did nothing.

If I am offering a soul retrieval, or an energy medicine healing, the plants are an effective guide and support for the spirit to come home and help the body and soul to integrate. By placing plants on the body they will actually attune to the energetic vibration of the person I am using them with, aligning the person’s vibration to their own optimal frequency to bring about harmony. If you are aware of how your energy body feels, you can feel an immediate result when someone applies fresh plants to your body, or gives you a brushing; there is an immediate lightness that is tangible enough to be felt or sensed. The plants will also absorb and transmute the energy that isn’t yours or is no longer serving you. Ultimately you want only to be in your own energy, it’s not healthy to carry anyone else’s energy, thus supporting you to be your whole, true self. This then helps your soul to truly be “re-sourced” so you can navigate the world embodied in your own energy, connected to your heart, the earth and the divine.

There are many ways we use the plants in healing; fresh plants on the skin, plant brushing, herbal/spiritual bath, lustration, lympias, teas, tinctures, powders, vapor baths, yoni steams, flower essences, floral waters, essential oils, etc.

If you have a chance to receive work with one of our healers, I invite you to receive from this place of understanding, and see if you can soften in an effort to receive more deeply. Sometimes the mind needs to understand so it can relax.

With Light and Love, Naomi Love