Reclaiming YourSELF


In traditional cultures, shamans were the village healers. They held a special connection with the spirits of the land, the plants, and what is commonly called non-ordinary reality – the reality beyond what we can see and touch. Their service to the community was to support healing of spiritual illness, hold ceremonies, perform rituals, bring back home the missing or lost parts of a soul, as well as rid any foreign energies from the body, mind or spirit.


They attributed many diseases to what is known as soul loss. Soul loss often happens when there is a perceived trauma and the soul shoots out of the body in order to stay safe. This is actually a brilliant mechanism; but after years of perceived traumas, fright or deep grief, it can become problematic as physical, emotional or spiritual symptoms begin to manifest.


The symptoms associated with soul loss are different for everyone, and often depend on the trauma or experiences that influenced the loss to begin with. An underlying felt sense of sadness or grief, deep fear, or not feeling satisfied, can become the norm. As one of my amazing teachers says so perfectly, you are only meant to run on your own energy; if you have absorbed others’ energies, you will find yourself overwhelmed, unable to cope with your own experiences and emotions.


Shamanic healing calls the spirit home; it brings you back to your true nature. In order to fully live the life we desire, we must be fully here and fully embodied, and we must remember that we are part of a greater web of creation. When we make space for the wholeness of you to be here, to be embodied in the here and now, we have made room for more love, joy and presence in your life. This is reflected back to us by the experience of deeper intimacy in our lives – the ability to truly allow the soul to be seen and witnessed by another – which is something we often are so afraid of, yet crave so deeply.


So how do you call yourself home? It is important to make space for all of you. If you are not in a “safe” environment – a place where all parts of you are welcomed and received with open arms – then it may not be time to call yourself back until there is more space and room created. There are many ways you can begin the healing process of calling the soul parts home, and one is through ritual. Ritual is the opening invitation to prepare yourself and your space for embodiment of all of you.


In the Maya lineage, we use spiritual bathing to support the soul’s connection. This is a simple practice of filling a bowl with water, gathering your favorite flowers and plants while holding your prayer in your heart, breaking them up with your prayer or song for healing, and allowing this infusion to rest in the sunlight for a few hours. Then shower yourself with the plant-infused water while singing or praying out loud. It is important to pour this infusion over the crown of the head a minimum of three times. The significance of the number is that ritual is the repetition of an action done prayerfully; this creates a different pathway for the energy to move. Spiritual bathing is intended to be repeated over three to nine days in a row. To be most effective, the bath is to be made with fresh plants and taken outside in nature.

Working one on one with a shamanic healer remotely or in person, is another profound way to support calling the soul home. 

Many blessings on your journey home!