Honoring Rose

Rose Medicine

My longest relationship has been with this beautiful plant spirit…

Her petals teach us to be soft in our hearts, to be luscious in our bodies and to enjoy our deepest pleasures…. her woody branches and powerful thorns teach us to be strong and powerful in our boundaries and to remember we have the right to say no.  She teaches us that it is ok to be soft and beautiful AND strong and powerful – that it is our right to stand in our truth and authenticity. She reminds us to teach others how to treat us, just as we have had to learn to treat and honor her.

Rose oil is often used to anoint the heart center while also inspiring a deeper connection between womb and heart. Rose Medicine supports healing the masculine energy, encouraging it to soften into heart space, to deepen capacity for love and empathy. Rose encourages the feminine energies to stand more firmly in strength and trust. 

Rose medicine soothes a broken heart and supports the felt sense of love and belonging within the soul. 

You can use the essential oil, known as an attar or an otto, to anoint your heart and womb. You can bathe in rose petals... You may eat the fresh petals or drink them dry as a tea. You may also try a rose flower essence depending on which rose is calling to you. 

I do all of the above and I make an Elixir of Rose and offer drops to my clients and students during class. I also use this as a base for many of the flower essence formulas I make for my clients.  

May you enjoy the Rose Medicine... Honor her... Love her... And remember to stop and smell the roses... 

With Love, Naomi Love

We use and promote only the highest quality Organically sourced, ethically wild crafted, eco conscious, sustainable companies for our aromatherapy and essential oils. David Crow is an amazing man, creator and owner of Floracopeia.