Art of Inner Alchemy

The Art of inner alchemy is crucial because RIGHT now as each of us begin to do this healing practice it revolutionizes our own personal evolution and the evolution of all humanity. 

Inner Alchemy (The Wise Womb Way) is a step by step simple and effective way to bring curiosity to our inner experiences, to name them, to witness, and give ourselves what it is that we need. This living organism of the Human Body is so wise in its ways - we have just lost the ability to interpret what it's saying to us. It is now time for us to begin our remembrance of listening to the messages of the body. 

This is an important and yet forgotten art. As a collective we are suffering because foundationally we are bypassing ourselves. We are skipping over our own needs. We are projecting onto one another. We are living in resistance.  We are caught in cycles of disharmony within ourselves. And further we haven't been taught how to be in relationship with ourselves, how to listen to our bodies, how to be in honor of our needs, and how to take personal responsibility for what we experience within ourselves. The importance of beginning this simple process is imperative right now for each of our own personal healing journeys, as well as for the collective consciousness. 

We each desire to be seen, acknowledged and witnessed. Without this we often find ourselves dissatisfied. What if we could begin this journey for ourselves with ourselves?

The purpose of Inner Alchemy is to bring us back to the wisdom we each hold within and the beauty is you don't need anyone else to do this for you. In fact no shaman, no healer, no teacher can walk this path for you. Your participation is 100% required. AND you can begin right now in this moment. 


We could each begin to notice, witness, acknowledge, feel and tend to the parts within ourselves.

From this place, we could begin to shift the way we are relating with ourselves and thus with 
each other. 

This practice connects us to our Sacred Needs - to the truth of what is happening deeper and deeper within. It supports us in witnessing those places where we may have edges and blind spots. The more we are able to meet ourselves within any type of experience, the more we are able to be met.  

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 3.29.23 PM.png

What if we could drop into the presence of what is happening right now... and begin to notice that from a place of honoring the sensations we are experiencing rather than judging them.
Acknowledging all the aspects what you are experiencing in this moment. 

To give yourself permission to feel whatever is present for you.

To then ask yourself, what do you need and then give yourself that..

It is from here, that we can then begin to rewrite the narrative, we can then start to shift what isn't serving us...  So we can move into an authentic divine expression of the truth of ourselves, connected to our heart, to our wombs (Hara for men) and to Great Spirit.