Level One Apprenticeship Boulder, CO 2018 - 12/12 @ 12PM HST

Naomi Love

Wise Womb Medicine Path School for the Temple & Healing Arts, Level One Apprenticeship - Boulder, Colorado 2018!


The healers journey begins with looking deep inside your soul and meeting what you see with love.
— Naomi Love

Do you feel the call to walk the healer's path? 


Are you sick and tired of “positive thinking” being the answer to your problems? 


I have searched all over the world, from caves in India to the mountains of Mexico, and I still haven't found the ways to apply and integrate spiritual teachings in my everyday life in a sustainable way.  


Can you resonate with this? Taking class after class and still not finding that freedom you know is possible inside yourself and in your life... 


It wasn’t until I had a breakdown/awakening which gave me  insight into the truth behind "positive thinking" and "spirituality", that I began to understand what spiritual bypassing was. It's when you skip what is really happening inside yourself or in the world, and cover it up with a "happy" bandaid. 


This breakdown was one of my dark nights of the soul where I was forced to look beyond what I had been taught for over twenty years and had to unravel the self induced spiritual indoctrination I had immersed myself in for so many years in search of freedom. 


During this... I began examining my own shadow and realized how many emotions and life experiences I was having, and not acknowledging. That what I was being taught was missing something really important...  


Through a powerful meditation, I was shown how I wasn’t aligned with my truth, and how then to realign myself with my personal truth, and ultimately with love. 


And the truth is, that the truth isn’t always pretty.


This process took some time to integrate into my life and ultimately, gave me the gift of sight, enabling me to see beyond what is being presented, what is being shown, to see the truth of our motivations as humans, which in turn woke me up to how much spiritual bypassing there is in the spiritual community. 


This gift of sight has fueled my passion to teach and facilitate others on a path of self-awareness. 


I have created a Living School for the Temple and Healing Arts for women to reclaim their power, truth, sovereignty, and to step into their gifts and share their medicine with the world. 


I believe every woman on the planet carries powerful and potent medicine to share with the world. Including YOU!


I have 25 years of experience in private practice and teaching around the world. I’ve worked with over 60,000 people in the areas of spiritual healing, shamanic bodywork, energy medicine, womb healing, nutrition & herbal medicine, and so, so much more.


It’s my deepest devotion to share this work with YOU, to inspire you in your own remembrance of being a healer and support you in sharing your gifts with the world. 


I teach you to support each individual client where they are, and meet them fully, while honoring yourself. 


I invite you to join me for a live Q&A where I’ll be offering you a guided journey to connect with your true nature as well as sharing the philosophy behind my school, Wise Woman Medicine Path, and an apprenticeship program I’m offering in 2018 to a select group of women.

 Save your seat and join me on 12/12 @12PM HST