...Aloha Beauties...

I am Naomi Amaya Love, I have been immersed in the world of healing since I was a child. I am a Master weaver of modalities, lineages, intuition and a little magic, supporting folks on their path to remembrance.

I am a Womb Mentor, Wise Womb Shamaness & Creatrix of the Wise Womb Medicine Path, this incredible Living School for the Temple and Healing Arts, which is the culmination of all my studies and experience embodied and translated into a beautiful body of work. Sharing the Medicine of Mother Earth, Divine Wisdom & Great Spirit with women around the world, teaching women how to be wisdom keepers of the medicine path through experiential embodiment and deep personal healing.  

I am a steward for Mother Earth interceding on your behalf in love. Supporting YOU on your path, is my devotion and service to the world. I have been immersed in the temple &  healing arts for over twenty-five years… I am a Master of many….a Weaver of the Sacred.. a Facilitator for Great Spirit and a guide for Self Mastery.

I am a Intimacy Coach, Evolutionary Alchemist, Ceremonialist, Nutritional Therapist, Certified Clinical Herbalist, Master Bodyworker, Breath Worker, Shamanic Practitioner, Medium, Mentor and Womb Shamaness. 

I offer my work in various ways; via In Person or Remote Sessions, Mentorship, Signature Programs and Personal Retreats.

Working Women, Men and Couples.

I am devoted to inspiring and supporting you in coming home to the remembrance of your true nature.

Would you like to work with me?