Aloha Loves,  I am Naomi Amaya Love * Womb Shamaness & Creatrix of the Wise Womb Medicine Path, which is the culmination of all my studies and experience embodied and translated into a beautiful body of work, guided by spirit, supporting women to Become and to step into their medicine. 

This work is important for our world as we are in a process of dissolving and awakening... As we awaken, we must go into our depths and visit those forgotten places that are holding our wounds. It is because we haven't done this that the collective is in the state it is in. We must start owning all the parts of ourselves so we can fully stand in our authenticity and truth, to be examples for the next generations to remember themselves... 

I am devoted to this path of awakening and LOVE sharing this work with the world. 

If you would like to know more about my story you can visit my personal website: 

The Wise Wombyn Collective is a referral network of all the students that have studied with me. Each woman has integrity and is on their path to awakening. You can visit the listing here. We hope to see you for a healing session, workshop, immersion, retreat, or apprenticeship! 

With Honor and Love 

Naomi Love