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Wise Womb Medicine Path™ is a Living School teaching the Sacred Feminine Temple & Healing Arts. We teach through apprenticeship, an old world way of learning that is aligned with the Sacred Feminine and Earth Centered Ways. It is circular, rhythmic and always growing and evolving to meet the energy of what arises in the portal of presence. 

Our work facilitates deep transformational healing through embodiment. The deeper you have gone within yourself, the deeper your capacity is to support others. We teach through personal healing journeys which leads to the evolution and activation of your own magic, allowing you to show up fully for others. This becomes not only a personal healing journey, but also an intensive in-depth training program for all women who desire to support other women in a profound way.  

The Womb, is the totem for the school, as the Womb within it the Ancient Wisdom and creative force of CREATION. We all come from a Womb, it is life, it is power.. It is intimately tied to every way we are in our lives as women. The Womb, or Hara for men, is our direct connection to our intuition, to earth and to our ancestors. It is our inner compass, our inner guide, uniting us to the great womb web of all of creation all of those whom came before us and those whom will come after us. 


I did not know why I was leaping when I said, “Yes!,” to working with Naomi, but that presented itself by day one of my training. Naomi brings humor and holiness together in a way that makes healing work sustainable - Caitlin



Wise Womb Medicine Path™ is a Holistic Healing system and approach to all aspects and levels of health. This is achieved through weaving together Ancient Cutting-Edge practices and modalities to clear the patterns of disease, trauma and disharmony, that brings about Healing on a Mind, Body and Spirit level.

Healing Arts Modalities include: Earth Centered Healing, Hands On Healing, Elemental Touch, Shamanic Bodywork, Womb, Ovarian & Breast Massage, Herbal Medicine, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Cycle Charting, Self Care Practices including self wise womb massage, yoni steaming. Sacred Feminine Nutrition, Ancestral healing and Sacred Sensual Movement. 

The Temple Arts include: Blood Mysteries, Divination, Inner Alchemy, Tao Tantra, Sacred Feminine Practices, Spiritual & Emotional Healing, Plant Medicine (non-psycoactive), Prayer, Rituals, Sensual Touch, Yoni work and Ceremony.  




I have been studying holistic healing by way of apprenticeships and small workshops all over the world for most of my life, and this training feels like the one that I had been looking for this whole time! - Gabrielle



  • Increased Energy and Vitality

  • Healing from Sexual Trauma or Violation and Unhealthy Relationships

  • Inspires the Heart and Soul into Remembering

  • Promotes Deep Sensory Presence

  • Increased Fertility and supports healing of Miscarriage or Abortion

  • Support healing of physical illness in the womb such as cysts, endometriosis, cancer and fibroids.

  • Optimal Alignment of the Womb and Abdominal Organs supporting health on all levels

  • Awakening through Self Inquiry and Inner Alchemy 

  • Increased self-esteem, self love, self-nourishment, self-expression and connection with Self

  • Feminine Embodiment and relationship with Body, Spirit, Womb & Heart

  • Awakens Sexual Vitality and increased Chi Energy Flow throughout the whole body

  • Support healing of painful and imbalanced menstrual cycles 

  • Reconnection with helping Spirits, Guides, Mother Earth, Great Spirit

  • Supports nervous system restoration through Breath Work 

  • Clears the Emotions/Trauma held in the body to promote Freedom and live your own unique Soul journey

And so much more! 


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our school offerings

virtul lunar womb temple.png

Our signature Virtual Lunar Womb Temple is the place to START in our School to support your own personal healing journey and learn all the foundations of Wise Womb Medicine.

Mentoring Program.png

Imagine being mentored by one of the Most Experienced Holistic Healers in the world! Build a profitable and integral practice and learn from the best in this mentorship program.

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Experience the only Certified Apprenticeship Program of it’s kind in the world teaching the Sacred Feminine Temple and Healing Arts.

Wise Womb Way Symposium.png

Support our Low Income Scholarship Fund and join over 4000 other participants who have received deep healing from our Wise Womb Way Symposium and Fertility Summit.



Learn about our Wise Womb Way philosophy, offerings. Be inspired by tons of testimonials from past clients and graduates + Receive a bonus of our Wise Womb Medicine Journey!

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We offer low income scholarship programs to support all women with the opportunity of being able to experience Wise Womb Medicine. By purchasing our Wise Womb Way Symposium and Fertility Summit, all proceeds will go towards this program. Support us, and support all women..