About Naomi Love


Naomi Love is a Mystic Medicine Woman, Ceremonialist, Wisdom Keeper and Master Facilitator. She is pioneering a new frontier of holistic healing, as the creatress behind the holistic healing system, Wise Womb Medicine.

She is pioneering a new frontier of holistic healing, as the creatress behind the holistic healing system, Wise Womb Medicine.

Naomi has studied around the world in appreciation. She has had the opportunity to study with many Masters over her twenty five years of study and has masterfully woven what she has learned with years of experience as she has worked with over 60,000 clients and trained over 70 practitioners world wide.

Naomi has created an incredible body of work in collaboration with the Wisdom Council - Wise Womb Medicine - a holistic system of medicine supporting humans all levels - mind, body and spirit.

Naomi’s education and experience level surpasses any label we could put on her as she is able to support the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of existence for all beings.

Naomi travels between Boulder Colorado and Maui Hawaii and teaches globally throughout the year. Through the school Naomi offers Equinox Ritual Womb Cleanses for those that desire a ritual reset. She has created a virtual Lunar Womb Temple which is a self paced virtual program for all womxn in all stages of life to support personal healing and embodiment through the earth medicine ways. Naomi offers a Wise Womb Mentorship program for those working with women in private practice and desire support from a master. Naomi’s core offering is her Apprenticeship Programs training the future leaders in women’s medicine. Naomi has collaborated with a dear sister to create MoonRize Retreats offered annually held in a different magical place each year.

Offering Wise Womb Medicine Healing Sessions, Couples Heart Activation Ceremonies, Womb Healing & Yoni Activation Ceremonies, Emotional Mapping, Spiritual Healing Sessions and Healing Ceremonies. Naomi supports clients through one on one sessions both in person and remotely. Naomi is a masterful space holder and has an ability to track the unseen worlds with precision, to clear the patterns of disease, trauma and disharmony.


Naomi’s Qualifications

Licensed Massage Therapist -

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Swedish Massage

Lymphatic Massage 


SomatoEmotional Release 

Ayurvedic Marma Massage 

Somatic Movement 

Syntropy Bodywork

Reiki Masters Level

Master Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner (Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path)

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage (Naomi has created an entire system of bodywork to support all stages of pregnancy)

Holistic Pelvic Care

Breast Massage

Certified Clinical Herbalist/ Folk Herbalist

Certified Nutritional Therapist


Level Three Reiki Master

Flower Essence Practitioner

Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

Certified Health Coach 

500 Hour Yoga Teacher - Hatha, Prenatal, Restorative 

Universal Tao Practitioner  

Tao Tantra Sacred Feminine Facilitator 

Shamanic Practitioner

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Intimacy & Relationship Coach

Emotional Mapping (Creatrix of this Process)

These are Naomi Love’s current qualifications. Please know many of the ways Naomi learned and embodied her medicine were not through normal routes where Certifications or accreditations weren’t offered.

“Naomi offers sessions for all humans as long as there is an open heart, a willingness to explore she can support you.”

 What Sets Naomi Apart


Naomi is a gifted weaver, taking all that she has learned, studied, experienced in her life weaving that into her healing practice where she has worked with over 60,000 clients in twenty five years, all over the world. Naomi has created this school training practitioners around the globe in her holistic system of healing - Wise Womb Medicine. Seeing thousands of clients has given her an ability to track patterns, giving insight into the inner workings of humanity. Naomi embodies a Masters Level of capacity as a healer, teacher and facilitator, once you are at that level you can no longer put words to how she can support or what she can help with or what she sees. Her abilities are now in the intangible realms. She is able to help all humans, as long as there is an opening and willingness - NO matter what is happening with them, she is able to support and guide.


Revered for her integrity and ethics she holds impeccable space for both healing sessions, and classes. Right Relationship is very important to Naomi and she holds this in her heart and is seen in how she navigates through the world.


Naomi is a Master at tracking unseen patterns with an integrative holistic approach to healing. Looking to the root of the symptoms to see where they first manifest and supporting a re-orientation towards optimal health on whichever level is needed for deeper results.


The waters of our psyche can become as clear as mud, and it takes skills to be able to navigate these places so we can begin to differentiate what is ours and what is someone else. We are often oriented towards projection and making others responsible for our feelings or triggers. It is important that we learn the skills to be able to navigate this and when we do WOW will all of our relationships change.

Sacred Needs

It is often that our sacred needs take the back burner in our busy lives. Naomi supports her clients and students in coming to a place of remembrance. It is from this place of remembering our true selves, that we can align ourselves more with our joy, with our hearts. Sacred needs are what was once called self care. Sacred needs are beyond something that should be schedule in, something to do, rather we are spiritual beings - spirit in body - the breath connects us to our spirit - Our sacred needs are those needs of the soul. They are non-negotiable.


We forget my loves that we are our own wisdom keepers. We are so oriented outwardly to look out for guidance. This creates an imbalance within because for one, we have become dependent on outward guidance rather than honing the skill of our own intuition and deeper listening to our true self. Yes, getting support is important because we all forget, we all get full and need some support in our recalibration. It is important to Naomi and the Wisdom Counsel that teach you to listen to yourself first and build a relationship with what this part of your truth feels like.When we are reminded to listen within, we are inspired to ask ourselves first and learn how to differentiate the voices we may follow the ego, the heart, the mind… We can then start to listen to our own unique inner truth.


Naomi has beautiful ability to hold you, to meet you from a place of true LOVE without judgement and without an agenda.

Power Dynamics

Naomi is absolutely uninterested in the power dynamics that usually play out with a student and teacher, client and practitioner. Naomi supports you in listening to yourself and coming back to your own inner guidance while being supported by someone who holds a container of neutrality and presence.



Naomi is a channel for the Wisdom Council. A collective of Earth Elders that have chosen Naomi Love to be a spokes person for the body of work they have shared with her called Wise Womb Medicine, a holistic System of Medicine that supports all of humanity in how they are walking this path of life. The Counsel is not defined by gender they are a direct lineage of Earth, they are not bound by time or place. Learn more about the Wisdom Council

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Naomi’s work is breaching into a new paradigm of spiritual teaching where you are your own master and healer, and yet held in her resonance field of clarifying love. Her transparency and vulnerability have been an important stepping stone in unraveling the notions I’ve frequently held myself to as to what being spiritual looks like and widening the arc of my own being to love deeper all parts of myself. Naomi is truly a healer’s healer and also a perpetual student making her, in my eyes, a rainbow warrior for a new world.” 


Study with Naomi & The Wisdom Council

The core offering Naomi devotes herself to is her Certified Wise Womb Apprenticeship Programs.

This is the culmination of Naomi’s life experience and expertise working with thousands of people from all walks of life. We offer a 600-Hour, Two Year Certified Wise Womb Apprenticeship and a 300 Hour Masters Certification Programs.

Within our programs you will learn our in-depth Somatic Earth-Centered approach to Holistic Healing, specifically for Womb health on all levels and embodiment of the Sacred Feminine Temple Arts. Our apprenticeship programs are a combination of both virtual modules and an in-person immersions.

For those who aren’t ready to step into apprenticeship we have created a beautiful Lunar Womb Temple Program which is a self paced virtual program for all womxn in all stages of life to support personal healing and embodiment through the earth medicine ways.

Our Wise Womb Mentorship Program is for those who support and guidance from a Master in the healing arts in their own healing practices.

At the Equinox’s we open the temple doors for the community to join our Wise Womb Ritual Cleanse Programs which support all women in all stages of being to connect more with their wombs and bodies through nourishing practices.

Naomi lives between Maui, Hawaii and Boulder Colorado offering Personal Healing Retreats, Ceremonies, Sessions for both One on One and for Couples. Naomi also works remotely. Naomi does also travel a bit so join our Love Notes to make sure you stay tuned if she will be traveling to your area so you can attend a live event or join for a healing session or ceremony.

Naomi Love has been featured on Self Cervix, Earth Speaks, Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast, Sacred Womb & Menstrual Magic Podcast, Purely Balanced Podcast, Radio Now, Spirit Weavers Gathering, ShaktiRize, Day Spa Magazine, Living Open Podcast,  Sexual Freedom Summit, Igniting your True Purpose Summit, Conscious Conception Summit, Conscious Beauty Series and many more.