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Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path™

Naomi Love is a Wisdom Keeper and Masterful Facilitator of the Sacred Feminine Healing and Temple Arts. She is pioneering a new frontier of Holistic Healing internationally, as the Creatrix behind the World’s First Holistic Womb Healing System called Wise Womb Medicine Path™.

Naomi’s first memories were crawling around eating Rose petals and honeysuckle flowers, and by the age of seven she was making Rose water. It was being with the plants as a young girl that allowed her to “survive” navigating her sensory Healing gifts, and that hasn’t changed with the Rose becoming her beloved, most cherished mother, teacher and guide on her Path, teaching her to be open and soft like the petals, yet have boundaries like the thorns, and to Love fiercely.

With over 25 years experience, she’s helped over 60,000 clients, 108 couples, trained over 70 Practitioners, supported the birth process for 20 beautiful families and thousands through Conscious Conception. Naomi’s heartfelt devotion and commitment to her Healing Path and Entrepreneurial Vision, saw her quickly build a sold-out Healing Practice, create the only Apprenticeship Program of it’s kind for Wise Womb Medicine Path™ Practitioners and become one of the Most Experienced Holistic Healers in the World.

Naomi is most-renowned for her ability to masterfully track the unseen worlds with precision, to clear the patterns of disease, trauma and disharmony, using Ancient Cutting-Edge aspects of her Holistic Healing System that brings about Healing on a Mind, Body and Spirit level. Naomi is a Master at being able to meet her clients in Loving Presence wherever they are, seeing them as a whole person, allowing them to be fully met, seen and acknowledged for the truth of who they are. With some clients, having never been witnessed in this way ever before in their lives, just being in the presence of Naomi supports each of her clients embodiment, evolution and activation of their unique magic and healing gifts.

For Women, this involves the Path of connecting to their Womb space and hearts, for Men this involves their connection to their Hara and hearts. Supporting each client to attune to their essence and center, reminds them who they truly are and why they came here. This unique gift of Naomi’s, means she has the depth and knowledge of experiential work with clients to help clients of all ages, genders, and life circumstances.


60,000 CLIENTS
Supported thousands with CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION


Naomi is committed to sharing The Wise Womb Way in a way that honors the true vibration of the Sacred Feminine and the old world way of learning, through Earth Centered Healing practices.

This Path is circular, rhythmic and always growing and evolving to meet the energy of what arises in the portal of Loving Presence. 

Experiencing healing and learning from a Sacred Feminine Master is different..

  • That means being held in a Portal of Loving Presence and meeting in this container with trust, surrender and allowing the class or session to unfold organically for what is for the highest good

  • It means working in a circular way rather than the linear way. To be able to meet each client or student exactly where they are at, following the spiral that takes us deeper and deeper into root cause of an issue or manifestation of dis-ease to then support and bring healing to those places.

  • Weaving together many modalities and teachings to provide an integrative session, one that is always guided intuitively by Naomi or the Practitioner to connect you back to your own essence, Womb, Hara, Mother Earth and the Great Cosmic Web of creation.




 What Sets naomi Apart

  • Naomi’s the Most Experienced healer in the realm of Hands on Healing and Womb Healing in the world.

  • Naomi has created the “Harvard Version” of Holistic Womb Healing in the world which offers the most integrated program out there that is both inclusive to all aspects of existing as a human. Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • Naomi offers the only Certified Apprenticeship in the world on this scale for embodying the Sacred Feminine Temple and Healing Arts.

  • Our Holistic Integrative Approach to healing looks at the root of the symptoms someone is experiencing - either emotional, spiritual, beliefs, physical - food - how, when, what, where you eat - lifestyle, friendships, family, ancestors, trauma, career, home, financials. Whenever something has manifested into a symptom, there is not just one way to approach healing, this is why we have created a comprehensive system of healing that is inclusive to all aspects of our lives.

  • Naomi creates a space for her clients to be empowered and accountable. Naomi isn’t interested in the power dynamics that usually play out with a student and teacher rather she supports you in knowing yourself and coming back to your own inner guidance.

  • Naomi teaches you to remember your own voice, to relearn how to listen to what is actually true - rather than the resistance or narratives that may be overlaying what is actually true and keeping held in a cycle of suffering.

  • We do not sell you - we do not speak to your voids - rather we speak to your values… We can’t tell you what you are going to get by participating in a session or in our school, as each of us is unique and will each have our own experiences. Rather we can speak tot he container we hold for you to explore all aspects of yourself.

  • Although the School is Womb Centered - we also focus on the earth centered aspects - connecting to where we live and the unseen realms. We work with both men and women. With ALL issues related to coming into a better alignment with our truest self

  • The School teaches foundational principals that are often excluded in most trainings out there.

  • The School doesn’t claim to be someone or something that can Initiate you into some special lineage. Rather we encourage you to connect with your own lineages and your own wisdom and medicine and take what you LOVE from the work we teach and implement that into your offerings to your community. We honor each of your unique gifts and medicine.

  • Naomi gives you the guiding principles to be woven within a class when you are studying in our Apprenticeship, honoring each students unique way of offering that medicine.

  • Our School teaches self care practices to empower our clients and communities supporting them in tending to themselves so they can support others to thrive as well.




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“Naomi’s work is breaching into a new paradigm of spiritual teaching where you are your own master and healer, and yet held in her resonance field of clarifying love. Her transparency and vulnerability have been an important stepping stone in unraveling the notions I’ve frequently held myself to as to what being spiritual looks like and widening the arc of my own being to love deeper all parts of myself. Naomi is truly a healers healer and also a perpetual student making her, in my eyes, a rainbow warrior for a new world.” 



working with naomi

The Core Offering Naomi shares, is her Certified Wise Womb Medicine Path Apprenticeship, that is the only one of it’s kind being offered on this scale. It provides an integrative, in-depth approach to Holistic Healing, specifically for Womb health on all levels and embodiment of the Sacred Feminine Temple and Healing Arts. Masterfully created to support your embodiment and the activation of your unique gifts. Our level one programs are a combination of over online training and in-person immersions totaling over 250 hours including a minimum of ten case studies and an observation session to provide you with the confidence and know-how to be a Wise Womb Medicine Practitioner and Womb Priestess..

Naomi also supports clients through their own Personal Healing through Remote Sessions and her signature Lunar Womb Temple Program, and supports Practitioners through her Wise Womb Mentorship Program.

Naomi has been featured on Self Cervix, Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast, Sacred Womb & Menstrual Magic Podcast, Purely Balanced Podcast, Susan Weed Blog Talk Radio Show, Radio Now, Spirit Weavers Gathering, ShaktiRize Wild Warrior Women’s Retreat, Day Spa Magazine, Living Open Podcast,  Sexual Freedom Summit, Igniting your True Purpose Summit, Conscious Conception Summit, Conscious Beauty Series and Spirit Weavers Gathering. Naomi has taught internationally including; India, Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.



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My journey started with studying herbal medicine at the age of twelve. My Uncle to me took the book store and said I could choose any book I wanted, so I began studying herbal medicine, magic, spells, Native America Healing and Massage Therapy. As I got older, I met my first teacher, Brigitte Mars, an Internationally- renowned Author and Herbalist who taught me the magical healing properties of the plants and how to use them for common ailments…