Naomi Love is a Medicine Womxn, Ceremonialist, Wisdom Keeper and Master Facilitator. She is pioneering a new frontier of holistic healing, as the creatrix behind the holistic healing system, Wise Womb Medicine.

Naomi’s heartfelt devotion and commitment to her healing path and entrepreneurial vision, saw her quickly built a thriving healing practice, created the Apprenticeship Program for Wise Womb Medicine Path™ Practitioners and become a prolific holistic healer.

With over 25 years experience, she’s helped over 60,000 clients, 108 couples, trained over 70 Practitioners, supported the birth process for 20 beautiful families and had 100% efficacy with fertility clients through her work with Conscious Conception.

She is a masterful space holder and ceremonialist, has an ability to track the unseen worlds with precision, to clear the patterns of disease, trauma and disharmony, using her Wise Womb Medicine holistic healing approach for the mind, body and spirit.

Naomi meets her clients in Loving Presence wherever they are, seeing them as a whole person, allowing them to be fully met, seen and acknowledged for the truth of who they are. With some clients, having never been witnessed in this way ever before, being in the presence of Naomi supports their embodiment, evolution and activation of their unique magic and healing gifts.

For womxn, this involves the path of connecting to their Womb space and hearts, for men this involves their connection to their Hara and hearts. Supporting each client to attune to their true nature and center, reminds them who they truly are and why they came here. This unique gift of Naomi’s, means she has the depth and knowledge of experience to help people of all ages, genders, and life circumstances.


Experience the transformation that occurs working with Naomi