Sessions with Naomi Love

Remote or In-Person


Are you ready to find your way back to Love and open up to further sweetness, joy and connection to Self?

We have 70 practitioners in 8 countries! We haven’t created a page sharing their details yet but it’s coming soon!

What to Expect in a Session

Naomi begins by meeting you in Loving Presence, she then masterfully tracks the unseen worlds to work on all aspects of your energy field, to clear the patterns of disease, trauma and disharmony. No two sessions are the same and as a masterful holistic healer, she is most renowned for her precision in tracking and meeting you wherever you are in a session, that allows her to work with clients of all ages, genders, and life circumstances.  

Each session facilitates your own embodiment, evolution and activation of your magic. By integrating all parts of you, and being fully met, acknowledged, seen and held as a whole person, profound and life-altering transformation can occur.   

How It Works

Remote sessions are held over Zoom, within the container of loving presence. There is a 3 session minimum booking for remote sessions to ensure that you can truly go deeply into this work with Naomi together. Naomi suggests the first session to be 2 hours, the second session to be 90 minutes and the third at one hour, with the three sessions occurring within 2 - 3 months. In-person sessions if available can be booked individually.

Energy Exchange

In-Person Sessions
$250-$300 USD for 90 Minutes

Remote Sessions
$550 USD for 3 x Sessions


Working with EVERYONE

Women, Men and Couples

All races, genders and orientations welcome.


“Naomi has a divine ability to see through the bull shit and get to the root of any issue. She guides the transformation with true pure love.”

- Jennifer Straw


Do you resonate with any of these questions?

Who does Naomi work with?

Naomi works with everyone, all humans, in all stages of life from conception to death. Naomi also works with homes, land, couples, families, groups, babies, children and animals.

Whether you are desiring healing for yourself or for your relationships or if you are a healer looking to learn how to hone your skills and offer your work in a greater capacity, she is here to support you.

Naomi Love, Creatrix of the Wise Womb Medicine Path

Naomi Love is a medicine womxn, wisdom keeper and master facilitator. Her unwavering devotion and commitment to her path since her youth has seen her create one a potent and integrated holistic healing system, the Wise Womb Medicine Path. This work is inclusive to the mind, body and spirit. You must be an equal participant in order for the healing to land fully within.

Naomi teaches internationally and offers private sessions, virtual programs and the certified Apprenticeship Program! In a session with Naomi you can expect to go deep, laugh, cry and fully come home to yourself.  

Working with Naomi, you are reconnected back to the old world way of learning that is aligned with the Sacred Feminine and Earth centered-healing practices. It is circular, rhythmic and always growing and evolving to meet the energy of what arises in the portal of Loving Presence. For women, this involves the Path of connecting to their Womb space and hearts, for men this is their connection to their Hara and hearts. Attuning to your essence and center, you remember who you truly are and live from this place of inner devotion.


I have had several amazing healing sessions with Naomi Love and somehow she always knows EXACTLY what I need.